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Hydrate Body Wash - Unscented Blend

Dry Skin
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Fragrance free daily body wash that leaves you refreshed and ready for the day. And night.

  • It prevents dryness and irritation in sensitive and afflicted skin by hydrating while it cleanses.
  • Excellent for dehydrated, sensitive skin (eczema, psoriasis).
  • Non-chemical, natural anti-microbial properties.

Key Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum.

We avoid the use of harsh, toxic chemicals in our products.

All our products are GMO-free.

We contribute a portion of our proceeds towards planting trees and reforestation.

We use shipping peanuts that are biodegradable and dissolve in water.

Hylunia UK Promise Skincare


Hylunia was founded with the core purpose of benefiting humanity. We promise to provide an entire range of skincare products that are safe. anti-inflammatory and highly effective. For over 30 years we have kept our promise to our customers. Hylunia and its leadership are still moving forward with the same core purpose, the same values and the same mission with which it was started.

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Hylunia is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We are deeply passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and protection our planet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Brett T
Okay but not great..

This body wash claims to be scent free but actually has an odd smell to it... I'm not sure how to describe it really. Not floral, manly, or chemical like...but it still is unpleasant and pretty strong. The packaging is nice and sleek. I thought it might make a good spa gift idea until I tried it for myself. My skin wasn't dry or itchy after using it which is good. It also is pretty small for body wash. I'm sure how much I can recommend this except to try it for yourself.


I used this for a long time for my hands and face. It's not too moisturizing, but it cleans well. Truly scentless and gentle on the skin.

Nice Bodywash

This body wash is gentle on the skin. It does a nice Job of cleansing with out giving irritation.

Calms & Helps Moisturize My Dry/Sensitive Skin, Unscented So Smells Odd But Lacks Risky Chemicals

Hylunia Hydrate unscented body wash is excellent for those like me with sensitive or dry skin and allergies as this is an ultra gentle body wash without any risky chemicals or added fragrance. This does have a smell, but it’s the smell of the ingredients that comes through because the smell isn’t masked by adding fragrance.

This isn’t the right choice for those who want a great smelling wash. This doesn’t have an enjoyable scent, but I don’t find it off putting either and it’s more important to me how my skin feels in the hours that follow my shower. Those who want some scent may want to try Hylunia’s gentle wash that has a subtle mango scent from fruit extract.

This Hylunia wash produces ample gentle lather when I use a mitt or pouf, despite having no sulfates. It feels refreshing and comforting to my skin. I’ve used washes that feel good at the time yet my skin is dry and itchy a few hours later even using a moisturizer, but my skin stays calm and hydrated even overnight. This has hyaluronic acid that I assume helps my skin retain moisture.

I love that all ingredients in this wash get a low risk EWG safety rating. And, as someone with sensitive skin and allergies, I’m so pleased with how calm my skin feels for the whole day using this Hylunia wash. It’s definitely not a lush smelling wash. But chemical fragrance is unhealthy, and I’d rather not use fragranced body washes on a daily basis. Vegan. Love it. 5 stars. Made in the USA.

Brenda Marie
Not really unscented - not terrible, though

Definitely has a scent. In fact it smells reminiscent of my tub and tile cleaner. That cleaner is all natural and plant based - so it is not a problem. Weird, though. Again - not terrible. But it definitely has a scent. The good news is that the scent doesn't stick with you after washing - great. Plus it really does leave your skin feeling dewy soft and moisturized. I didn't even have to apply moisturizer after my shower like I normally do. It doesn't foam greatly - but it did foam some and I was able to get a very thin layer of lather over my skin using my bath pouf. So I do like this product! Best yet is that it is CLEARLY marked VEGAN. Love that!!! If you found my review helpful, why not click the "Helpful" button. Thanks! : )

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