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Article: 5 amazing reasons why pomegranate is good for the skin!

5 amazing reasons why pomegranate is good for the skin!

5 amazing reasons why pomegranate is good for the skin!

Nature’s Powerful Antioxidant

One of the vital steps to prevent ageing of the skin is to supply the skin with sufficient nutrition. As Pomegranates contain many antioxidants, they are not only great for nourishing your skin but also prevent skin damage due to free radicals.

Cell Regeneration

Besides its anti-inflammatory effects and richness in essential fatty acids, pomegranate contains resourceful anti-aging properties, which stimulates the regeneration of cells.

Natural Anti-Aging Secret

Vitamin C, the most abundant in pomegranate, plays a significant role in the formation of collagen (besides elastic fibres, collagen are a component of the skin). This is how proteins are released that keep our skin strong and healthy. One pomegranate contains 48 percent of the daily recommended dose of Vitamin C.

Essential Moisturizer

Organic pomegranate juice benefits our skin in extraordinary ways. The juice not only reaches deep into the skin, but also supplies it with trace elements and plant materials. As the natural moisture recedes further and further as we grow older, pomegranate provides rich moisture and replenishes our skin’s natural moisture depot.

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