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About Hylunia

In 1988, Hylunia Skin Care was launched to give the freedom of choice to people of all ages and skin types who want to prevent free radical damage to their skin. One of the first clean skincare brands on the market, Hylunia’s mission has been to produce a skincare line that is gentler, safer, and non-irritating.


Our story is simple and deeply personal. Hylunia was born out of a Father’s search for healthy and effective skin care for his child. As a young father, our co-founder searched for a safe skin care line for his infant daughter’s sensitive skin, without much success. Being a scientist himself and coming from a family of Ayurvedic practitioners, he decided to partner with an accomplished team of dermatologists, scientists and physicians to develop irritant-free skin care products that would use nature’s healing power to keep skin safe, soft and radiant. Our co-founder decided to extend his paternal love for his daughter to all of humanity by formulating natural products for all ages and skin types with enormous love and caring. The result was the launch of Hylunia Skincare in 1988.


In their research, it was discovered that most skin care products were formulated with ingredients that triggered inflammation as well as skin irritation. In other words, skin care products could make people sick. The key discovery of this research team’s intense work over 6 years: 

“Continuous inflammation is a key precursor to disease, and the root cause of premature aging and may even be linked to cancer!”

The mission was clear:
to create a collection of skin care products safe for every member of the family.


Each Hylunia product is based on two core philosophies


Hylunia’s products are both natural and organic. However, unlike most other products that also claim to be natural and organic, we use these natural and organic ingredients in sufficient quantity and in the right combination to truly make an impact on your skin. Our products use 12 patented amino complexes, peptides and plant extracts known for their rejuvenation qualities and our revolutionary anti-aging liquid crystal penetration technology is especially effective in keeping your skin radiant and younger-looking.


Our products are especially designed to minimize irritation, inflammation and free radical damage that can lead to premature aging of the skin. In particular, our products avoid ingredients like parabens, formaldehyde, fragrances, dyes and other harmful ingredients contained in a majority of the personal care products on the market today and are often linked with cancer and other health conditions. Our products are safe for any age, and every skin type – normal, oily or dry skin, sensitive and aging skin; due to sun damage, chemotherapy or the use of Accutane, as well as skin suffering from skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and rosacea.


Inflammation is the body’s natural response to environmental, chemical and organic assaults. It is a sign that the body needs to protect itself. Daily exposure to ingredients such as fragrance, dyes, and preservatives can cause inflammation that burdens the immune system, allowing it less time to repair and heal, which can lead to premature aging.

Ayurveda has long known about inflammation and its effect on aging and is focused on minimizing inflammation through various means. It teaches you about how to make food choices that are beneficial for you based on your body type, your way of life, and where you live. Ayurveda also provides a lot of knowledge about avoiding food combinations that are harmful to your body.

Hylunia is designed to be non-irritating and to help minimize inflammation. Our focus is to create products that calm and soothe the skin and reduce the impact of environmental stress and sensitivity.


Dr. Lingam, Dr. Jegasothy and their team had a vision to develop an irritant-free skin care line that would tap into Nature’s own healing power to keep the skin safe, soft and radiant. This team, guided by Dr. Jegasothy’s scientific research, knew something that most skin care lines did not seem to know or care about. Dr. Jegasothy had discovered the relationship between continuous inflammation, disease and aging. They found that with respect to the skincare products available in the marketplace, most of the benefit was psychological while causing severe physiological damage which could later show up in the form of deadly diseases. This discovery greatly alarmed Dr. Lingam and his team of scientists. The team was then inspired to form Hylunia Skin Care in 1988 to enable people of all ages and skin types to protect, preserve and pamper their skin with powerful antioxidants, vitamins and plant peptides. 


Hylunia was co-founded 30 years ago by Brian Jegasothy, MD, former Chairman, Department of Dermatology at the University of Pittsburgh, with anti-inflammatory products, free of inflammatory ingredients, and endocrine disruptors. Hylunia’s products contain no preservatives, no parabens, no fragrance, no lanolin, no alcohol, no dyes and no propylene glycol. The plant-derived wasabi, olive leaf, and citrus extracts, ethyl hexyl glycerin, caprylyl glycol, and capryl hydroxamic acid are combined to help in product preservation. The products are formulated with healing in mind and are non-occlusive in nature. Hyaluronic acid is used to supply the oxygen and hydration needed for wound healing and absorption of water-soluble effective ingredients.

DR. LINGAM Co-Founder

In 1987 A beautiful baby girl was born to a rocket scientist who came from a family of Ayurvedic doctors. Her doting parents found that their baby girl’s skin was reacting badly to the standard baby skin care products in the market. Dr. Lingam and his wife searched for something gentler, safer, and non-irritating in the stores and pharmacies but to no avail. Of course, Dr. Lingam was not discouraged. Not only did he come from a line of Ayurvedic specialists, he was also part of an esteemed group of scientists, physicians and research chemists. Dr. Lingam sought the help of his friend, Brian Jegasothy, MD who was a part of this inner circle (and formerly Chairman, Department of Dermatology, University of Pittsburgh, USA). A research team headed by Dr. Jegasothy was soon formed to fulfill the quest for a skin care product that was non-irritating, non-inflammatory and gentle on a baby girl’s infant skin.


Alice Thiel, president of Skin Care Association of America is also one of the directors at Hylunia Skincare. Alice was born in a small town of Kalinowo, Poland, later Philadelphia became her new home. In 1962, Alice and Peter(her husband) opened their first salon, Peter's Tres Chic. In 1973, they bought skincare equipment from Europe and added the concept of "the complete service salon" to their existing business and it became a success. She became a member of an elite body named C.I.D.E.S.C.O in 1988. Alice, in the midst of raising children, built a home and the shopping center where the business is now located, Plaza III West Shopping Center in West Chester, Pennsylvania. Her children are active members of their family business. She is now, grooming her fourth generation to augment the family's profession.