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Colloidal Silver Mist

Oily Skin
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Our Top-selling, multifunctional spray toner, specifically designed for oily skin, fuses the restorative benefits of Colloidal Silver with the calming essence of Lavender, resulting in a soft, glowing complexion for all skin types. Experience its versatile uses:

  • Nourish and pacify your skin
  • Support recovery and relief for acne-prone skin or skin affected by cuts or burns
  • Promote personal cleanliness
  • Diminish inflammation caused by acne, wounds, burns, sun, or environmental factors
  • Alleviate post-waxing discomfort

Key Ingredients: LavenderColloidal Silver

Kristen Wiig

“Oh My Gosh, I Have To Go Into My Bathroom And I Look In The Cupboard. I Have So Many. I Like To Switch It Up, And This Brand Called HYLUNIA, It's All Natural.

I Use The Facial Cleansing Lotion and The Colloidal Silver Mist.“

We avoid the use of harsh, toxic chemicals in our products.

All our products are GMO-free.

We contribute a portion of our proceeds towards planting trees and reforestation.

We use shipping peanuts that are biodegradable and dissolve in water.

Hylunia UK Promise Skincare


Hylunia was founded with the core purpose of benefiting humanity. We promise to provide an entire range of skincare products that are safe. anti-inflammatory and highly effective. For over 30 years we have kept our promise to our customers. Hylunia and its leadership are still moving forward with the same core purpose, the same values and the same mission with which it was started.

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Hylunia is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner. We are deeply passionate about reducing our carbon footprint and protection our planet.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
NY girl
Cleared up rosacea

After struggling with rosacea for 6 years, this product stopped it! I never expected that. I only thought it would calm things down. The woman who gave me a facial suggested it- it’s been a life changer! Highly recommend

Cleans nicely

Has a nice scent, does a nice job cleaning without drying your skin, is gentle but does clean well.

Extremely Gentle

I like how nicely this treats my skin and doesn't flare up rosacea or acne. I use it a few times a week in between my other products. It's definitely good for aging skin or those with very dry skin.

darlene foster
not a fan

It works fine as a facial cleaner but avoiding the eyes is not good. Using 2 seperate cleansers is a waste to me. It also smells so bad I wanted to rinse it off as soon as possible.

Glycolic type of intensity

This has a lot more power than what I'd expect for a Vegan product.
Almost has a deep clean, glycolic effect to it.
Which is good to repair skin texture but, not so much on sensitive skin in the day.

I've been playing test lab with my face to figure this out.
Best I can say is, as long as you follow with a toner to neutralize or, limit to night use, it's ok.
I use Shor's Energizing tonic. Just splash it on my face, no cotton.
It's my super power step for my maturing 50+ skin but, also calms down irritation.

I've looked at all the ingredients & can't figure what is doing the deep clean.
Maybe the Vit C? High potency for a cleanser tho.
Whatever it is, after a few weeks of trial & error, it's helping the texture of my skin.

However, I must share a caveat.
If your face & Glycolic or Vitamin C are not friends, take a pass.
My sensitive skin could not handle them until my 1st texture change in my late 30's.

When I washed my face with Hylunia's cleansing lotion prior to a mask,
after wards my cheeks & nose were red. No physical pain but, so very visible.
That's usually the reaction from 1st time glycolic. Btw, it was a regular green clay mask.

Also had a reaction when I wore in daytime.
It was mild but again, similar to glycolic which I never use during the day.
Even a good at home glycolic product will react with sun & sensitive skin.

This is a creamy cleanser, not a soap, which is what you want for aging skin.
But that means no suds, which is also what you want for your face to retain moisture.

This cleanser does work & goes deep but, too intense for all purpose.
I only use at night when I'm adding deep, layers of rejuvenation to my skin.
It really excels here bc my skin isn't exposed to sun & my night products really absorb.

Hope this helps & Good Luck

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